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  • Winter afternoons

    UB presents a new series of concerts: winter evenings. Four proposals to encourage the cold winter evenings in an extraordinary setting, the Paranimf of the University of Barcelona. This cycle aims to...

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  • Baltasar Porcel. Mallorca, Barcelona, the mon

    Baltasar Porcel, Honor Award of Catalan Letters in 2007, highlighted by the strength and vitality of its narrative that crosses genres. He worked as a playwright, novelist, interviewer and columnist. ...

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  • Pixelated words

    This exhibition, the first large format is worldwide, born from a digital environment and digital procedures. The word pixelated by Laura Borràs and Giovanna di Rosario, international specialis...

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  • Reflections in 1h

    Arquitecture, city and people   The true nature of the city is its condition of different space and constantly under construction, populated by a blend of identities in constant motion and ofte...

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